Christian Female Abuse Recovery Coach

Felice McKenney, also known as Felice Renee, from St. Louis, MO, and proudly embraces her Christian faith while serving both God and His people. A retired Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Felice has
garnered accolades like the Army Achievement, Good Conduct Medals, and other awards for her commendable service.

Felice is a courageous SURVIVOR of domestic violence, driven by a deep passion to educate, equip, and empower female Christian to not only survive but thrive after leaving abusive relationships. We specialize in veteran recovery.

Felice is not just a military veteran but also an accomplished author. Her book, "Stained Glass Smile, You Can Be Healed," guides individuals through abuse towards self-love and forgiveness. This success led to the creation of S.M.I.L.E. University , offering courses like "Hey Girl, SMILE"

At our program, we understand the unique challenges faced by veterans who have been conditioned to endure pain and push forward, no matter the cost. While this mindset is essential in a military environment, it is never acceptable in a relationship that harms your mind, body, and soul. Living in chaos and abuse erodes mental health, regardless of what anyone might say.

If you know a female veteran seeking to recover and live free from domestic violence, this is the safe haven they need. Felice's recovery program draws profound inspiration from the Bible, addressing critical topics such as understanding and recognizing domestic violence, discovering the resilience God has instilled in us, healing from trauma, embracing our identity in Christ, managing anger, overcoming shame, and using the scriptural weapons God has provided to cultivate a healthy mind, and so much more.

This program is designed to guide female Christian veterans on a path to healing, empowerment, and a fulfilling, violence-free life.

Beyond her military achievements, Felice has been recognized by Dr. Clyde Rivers the American Ambassador of Republic of Burundi Africa with the iChange Nation Award for her community work. Felice has had an opportunity to speak on the virtual stage with Lisa Nicholas, one speaker mentor, at the Power Up Summit. As an international speaker and a member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team. she hosts the Stellar Award Nominee show "Peace In Living Today" 2013 to 2016.


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